Friday, June 24, 2016

Your Home Needs a Smart Doorbell and Here’s Why

It’s the middle of the night, and you are home asleep when persistent ringing of the doorbell wakes you up. If you aren’t expecting any visitors, imagine how frustrating it would be to get up and find your way to the front door just to find out who it is and what they want. However, if you have a smart doorbell installed, all you would need to do is reach over the bedside table and check, on video, who is at the door right on your smartphone.

Just a couple of years ago, something like a smart doorbell that connects with the house’s security system was the stuff of science fiction. Thanks to the advancement in technology, and in particular Internet of Things, smart home products are undergoing rapid evolution and such tasks as accessing front door cameras, unlocking the doors, and communicating with people before letting them in are not only possible, they are simple.

What is a Smart Doorbell?

Simply put, a smart doorbell is a home device that a visitor pushes just like the traditional bell but offers a wide range of high-tech functionalities and cool features. Some of the standard features that almost every smart doorbell in the market comes with today include connectivity to the home’s Wi-Fi network, video and audio capture, motion detectors, multimedia alerts, and auto response. You can order an inexpensive doorbell online today and with simple installation, have the power to monitor your front door and even communicate with visitors in real time wherever you are in the world. How amazing is that!

The greatest benefit of installing a smart doorbell in your home is that it significantly improves the security around the home. It is a fact that thieves and burglars often ring the doorbell first to determine whether someone is home and if no one answers, they will assume it is empty and go ahead to break in. With such a smart device, the bad guys will never know whether you are upstairs or halfway around the world on vacation. You can have peace of mind wherever you are because you can conveniently keep an eye on things back home.

Some Popular Types and Features of Smart Doorbells

There are quite a number of smart doorbells in the market today, all bringing innovative and advanced features tailored to meet the needs of different individuals. The best way to choose the right product for your home is to know what features and specifications to look for, which ultimately determines the price of the device. Some of these devices may require technical skills to install while others are easy to set up. Most of these doorbells can connect wirelessly to the home network and have downloadable apps for Android and iOS devices.

One of the earliest smart doorbells in the market, the Ring Video Doorbell, features motion sensors that start recording 180 degrees of video on its 720p HD camera and alerts you when it detects movement. It can upload these clips to the cloud and has a smartphone app that lets you talk face to face to whoever is on your front door, and if you already have an existing doorbell wiring, you can easily hook it up to the existing connection. The best part is that for just $200, it comes complete with the materials needed to install on any surface—wood, cement, or stucco.

The August Doorbell Cam, much like the Ring Video Doorbell, connects to your home Wi-Fi and has an August App through which you can stream video in real time, view photos the camera captures periodically, and view notifications pushed to your Android or iOS device wherever you have an internet connection.

SkyBell, another dominant name in Smart Doorbells, boasts of motion detection sensors that activates video recording on its 1080p HD camera with full color, night vision, and 5X optical zoom. This brand also features a unique “quiet mode” that allows you to disable the doorbell for privacy, just like the silent mode on your phone. When you order SkyBell for $199, you get the device alongside the mounting plate, masonry drill bit, screw anchors and wall screws, screwdriver, and wire sleeve for installation.

The Times Have Changed. Catch Up

Gone are the days when homeowners had to hire CCTV experts just to have video of their front doors. The Smart Doorbells in the market today are more connected than ever, cost much less, and can be installed by the user. Just like most other smart connected devices around the house, rapid advancement in technology is resulting in cheaper devices with newer and more advanced features designed for safety, convenience, and connectivity.